Anton and Cecil: Cats on Track, Book 2

Author: Martin, Lisa
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Anton and Cecil: Cats on Track, Book 2

Terrible news has reached cat brothers Anton and Cecil: their rodent friend Hieronymus has been captured. Anton and Cecil must set out to rescue the mouse who once saved Anton’s life.

Boarding one of the monstrous machines the mice call “landships,” the brothers travel to the Wild West. Along the way Cecil is tossed out onto the prairie by the train’s conductor only to face bison, prairie dogs, and a boy who would make him a pet. Meanwhile, Anton meets a ferret friend who warns of stampeding herds, rattlesnakes, and fierce, enormous cats.

Facing such danger can Anton and Cecil find the courage and wit to save Hieronymus?

  • Paperback, 272 pages
  • 6" x 9"


Orange Prize-winner Valerie Martin is the author of eight acclaimed adult novels, including Property and The Confessions of Edward Day. She lives in Millbrook, New York.
Valerie Martin’s niece, Lisa Martin, has worked as an educator and children's poet and currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

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