Ballerina Pink Purple Hand Kite

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Ballerina Pink Purple Hand Kite

Around and around and around, watch her spin and jump and pirouette as she trails her ribbons behind her.  Little girls love the purple and pink toys!

She doesn't know she's improving her gross motor skills through sensory play. She doesn't know she's exercising. She doesn't know that the pretend play in which she is engaging is helping her cognitive development and will benefit her for the rest of her life.  She just knows that with this ribbon wand, she feels like a ballerina princess... and ballerina princesses love to spin.

Use these ribbon wands as outdoor play toys, inside toys, color learning toys, gross motor skills toys... the open ended play possibilities are endless! Sensory toys are perfect for pretend play. 

  • wood and ribbons
  • ribbons are 18" ring to tip
  • Handmade
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