5 Reasons We Love Wooden Toys

5 Reasons We Love Wooden Toys

We love wooden toys at The Bee’s Knees Toys and Books for so many reasons, including safety and sustainability. Even though the U.S. has cracked down on the use of these ingredients in household paint and feeding products, toys are often wildly unregulated overseas and can be found contaminating other materials. 


Wooden toys can seem old-school and simplistic compared to the latest generation of battery-operated gizmos, but modern play-based learning programs such as the Montessori Method and the Reggio Emilia approach emphasize the importance of simple and natural materials to enhance learning and discovery.

Here are 5 reasons why we recommend wooden toys:


Reason 1:


Safety:  Wooden toys are less likely to contain unsafe dyes, paints and chemicals. Toys often end up in your little ones mouth so it’s important to limit the exposure to neurotoxins, carcinogens and endocrine disrupters.



Reason 2 :


Sustainability:  Quality wooden toys are natural, biodegradable and recyclable. Plastic toys break more often and frequently end up in landfills. Plastic toys are also more likely to be full of harmful ingredients like lead, PVC, phthalates and bisphenols.


Reason 3:


Durability:  Heirloom quality wooden toys rarely break or fade and can be  handed down to future generations. While they are sometimes more expensive than plastic toys when you first purchase them, they can last a few lifetimes. 


Reason 4: 


Open-Ended Play:  Wooden toys are often created with more open-ended play in mind. By their very nature, they encourage children to build, create and engage in imaginative play. These types of activities often simulate real-life situations and prepare them for the future.



Reason 5:


Aesthetics:  Wooden toys are downright beautiful! Our favorites are handcrafted, made with a keen attention to detail and lots of love. Sometimes adults love these toys as much as their children and are so beautiful, they double as decorations in your home.



If you have any questions regarding wooden toys, or any of our stocked toys, don’t hesitate to ask! We can often find alternatives or special order specific items that you want. Whether is wooden, plastic or any other material, our goal is to make sure we are providing the highest quality toys for your most precious investment—your kids!