Welcome to The Bee's Knees Toys and Books

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Welcome to The Bee's Knees Toys and Books

Read. Play. Celebrate.


Definition:  bee’s knees \bees nees\  n. informal phrase (1922)  to be excellent or of an extremely high standard.


At The Bee’s Knees Toys and Books, our mission is to create a unique shopping experience for our local community. Our goal is to offer heirloom quality toys and unique books that encourage creative thinking, open-ended play, and meaningful communication—all in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We founded The Bee’s Knees Toys and Books with the idea that toys and children’s books should be thoughtfully created to best support your child’s development during those magical early years of life.


We believe that children learn through play. As parents, we realize that it is an important part of our job to ensure our children are playing with the safest and highest quality toys available. Our selection of wooden, sustainable and handmade toys includes educational items that inspire imaginative play.


In addition to the importance of play, we believe that reading is at the core of brain development, and local book shops are crucial to sustaining that.  Encouraging a love of reading in children comes from reading a lot, letting them see the variety that’s out there, and watching you read and seeing the value you place on reading.


For our community, we are relentless in our search for the quality, handcrafted, beautifully designed items made to expand little minds. We only stock items that we feel good about buying—made by companies that emphasize safety, use natural, eco-friendly materials, and treat their employees right. We work with many independent and small batch companies to source unique and ethically-made.


Our future plans include a community-focused brick and mortar store that will house our toys, books and an event venue for milestone celebrations. We are working on a location to open in Central, South Carolina in Spring 2021. Stay tuned for updates!


Thank you for your support of our little store.  As an indie shop in an ocean of online competition and big box stores, we rely on community support from friends like you.