Why Shop Local?

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Why Shop Local?

Shopping local is the act of everyday consumers, like YOU, making the decision to buy your food, clothing, books, and day-to-day items from a local business instead of going to a large retailer or chain store.


A decision to shop local has many benefits, such as building relationships within the community and helping support the local economy, all while building a more vibrant and unified society. Really, who doesn’t feel good knowing that they’re supporting their neighbors?


When buying from business owners you trust, shopping experiences become more enjoyable because you know where the products are coming from and the people behind the products.


Every local purchase makes a difference. Here is a list of reasons why it’s important to remember to shop locally whenever you can:


  1. You kept dollars in our economy. For every $100 you spend at a local business, $52 will stay in the community.
  2. You embraced what makes us unique. You wouldn't want your house to look like everyone else's. So why would you want your community to look that way?
  3. You created local jobs. Local businesses are better at creating higher-paying jobs for our neighbors.
  4. You helped the environment. Buying from local business conserves energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation, less packaging, and products that you know are safe and well made, because we stand behind them.
  5. You nurtured community. We know you, and you know us. Studies have shown that local businesses donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of chains and online retailers.
  6. You conserved your tax dollars. Shopping in a local business district means less infrastructure, less maintenance, and more money available to beautify our community. Also, spending locally instead of online ensures that your sales taxes are reinvested where they belong -- right here in your community!
  7. You created more choice. We pick the items we sell based on what we know you like and want. Local businesses carry a wider array of unique products because we buy for our own individual market.
  8. You took advantage of our expertise. You are our friends and neighbors, and we have a vested interest in knowing how to serve you. We're passionate about what we do. Why not take advantage of it?
  9. You invested in entrepreneurship. Creativity and entrepreneurship are what the American economy is founded upon. Nurturing local business ensures a strong community.
  10. You made us a destination. The more interesting and unique we are as a community, the more we will attract new neighbors, visitors and guests. This benefits everyone!


At The Bee’s Knees Toys and Books, we do our best to support our local neighbors, as well as to carry products that support this mission. We try to purchase from local vendors and craftspeople whenever we can. Please don’t hesitate to ask us the stories behind our products, we are always happy to share!


Shop Local Infographic


*Some content courtesy of "Love Your Local" campaign from INDIEBOUND