Cash Stash by Project Genius

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Cash Stash Puzzle Box

Keep your money safe with this deceivingly difficult puzzle box that's perfect for holding gift cards or keeping our cash out of the wrong hands.

  • Cell block series puzzles focuses on the fun found in playful trickery and deception
  • A challenging brain teaser puzzle for adults and children alike
  • The perfect gift for the puzzle enthusiast in your life
  • 4" x 2" x 6"
Project Genius is focused on curation of quality puzzles, timeless design, modern sophistication and most importantly on the opportunity for each of us to discover our capabilities for ourselves. By designing our puzzles with the utmost attention to every detail in mind, we have curated a line of timeless brainteasers that you would be just as happy to display as you would be to play.
Created in Round Rock, Texas. 
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