Colors Matching Game Book: 4 Activities in 1

Author: Babin, Stephanie
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Colors Matching Game Book: 4 Activities in 1

Learning while playing is the name of the game!

Discover an exciting way to encourage children to expand their knowledge of colors, train their visual memory, increase their attention to detail, and build vocabulary.

Features interactive pages with sliding panels that provide four activities in one as children can slide the panels to find matching colors; spot the objects in the big picture; identify colors and objects; or even come up with games of their own! Colorful and whimsical illustrations of a wide variety of colors will capture attention

4 Activities in 1:

  • Find the matching pairs
  • Look for the objects that are in the panel in the big picture
  • Hide the matching pairs!
  • Identify and name objects that are the same color


Stéphanie Babin is an author of books for young children, particularly nonfiction and interactive titles. She lives in Paris, France.

Vincent Mathy is an illustrator who studied sequential art at the Institut Saint Luc in Brussels. He has illustrated about 30 books for publishers all over the world, as well as posters, stationery, T-shirts, and game packaging. He lives in Liège, Belgium.

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