Forest Trail Kit

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Forest Trail STEM Kit:  Nature Exploration Adventure Tools ON SALE

Kids will love pretending to be a scientist on an expedition while at the same time they’ll be learning colors, words, and names. Have them recite the details as they classify each of the species and make it a new game. A fun and novel outdoor forest trail kit all contained in a lined, wolf character canvas shoulder bag. The bag contains everything a child could need to go on a nature trail in the great outdoors.

The beautifully illustrated and waterproof groundsheet is illustrated with lots of forest floor treasures and is enormous at 56" x 56". It can be turned into a den, a groundsheet, a cover, or even a simple tent.

STEM Kit includes:

  • Wolf canvas shoulder bag
  • Waterproof ground covering sheet 56" x 56"
  • Big magnifying glass
  • Owl Compass
  • Nature trail card
  • Leaf hunt card
  • Den building card
  • Wooden whistle

Encourage outdoor play and to teach about respecting our wonderful natural world.

  • Ages 3+
  • Safety Tested: ASTM F963, EN71, AS/NZS ISO
  • Sustainable wood & non-toxic paints
  • CE certified, 100% Recyclable 
  • 16" x 2" x 16"
  • 100% Recyclable

Tender Leaf toys are created by award-winning British designers. They make sustainable wooden toys with non-toxic paints that spark imagination, engage playful minds, and inspire early learning. Pledged to protect the environment, from kitchens to doll houses to castles, puzzles and adventure sets, Tender Leaf toys are safety-certified and are all hand finished using reclaimed woods. 

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