First Day at Zoo School

Author: Dillard, Sarah
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First Day at Zoo School

It's the first day of Zoo School and outgoing Amanda the Panda is ready. She's excited and can't wait to go! But for anxious Alfred the Alligator, the first day fills him with dread. Why does he have to go? Isn't he smart enough already?

When Amanda gets to school and sees that everyone seems to have a best friend, she decides that Alfred would be the perfect best friend for her. But what does it mean to be a best friend? Does it mean enjoying the same things or feeling the same way? Amanda doesn't notice that Alfred doesn't like sitting at the front of the classroom. And she doesn't notice that Alfred is miserable when she picks him to play Tag. In fact, Amanda doesn't notice much about Alfred at all. She's too busy enjoying everything all around her. And it's up to Alfred to point out to her how he is feeling.

A thoughtful story that explores what it means to be a best friend.

  • Hardcover, 40 pages
  • 9" x 9"


Sarah Dillard's illustrated books include the popular Mouse Scouts series, the critically-acclaimed young graphic reader, Extraordinary Warren and its sequel, Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day. Her picture books include Blueberry Cake, I Don’t Like Rain and I Wish it Would Snow. Sarah is inspired by the beautiful mountain she lives on, and doesn’t feel a day is complete without a walk in the woods.

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