Flybar Multi-Sports Helmet - Pink

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Flybar Multi-Sports Helmet - Pink, S/M, Fits  6-8 years old

The Flybar Multi-Sport Helmet! Comfortable, stylish, and available in many options. Adjustable dial ensures a perfect fit.

Flybar helmets have 12 wide stylish vents on each Flybar Helmet provide even air flow to keep cool during active sports sessions

For a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead to ensure you choose the correct size

Adjustable fit: The Flybar Helmets feature an adjustable spin dial on the back of the helmet to ensure a perfect and safe fit

Strong ABS outer shell and EPS foam inner lining: Made of high-quality ABS shell, high-density EPS foam inner shell, the Flybar Helmet protects you from potentially harmful impact while engaging in sports. 


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