Hooray For Fall!

Author: Iwamura, Kazuo
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Hooray For Fall!

A warm welcome to autumn! This beloved book—redesigned with a fresh new look—is the latest edition in this popular series about seasons!

Mama has a surprise for her three little squirrels: three bright red sweaters to keep them warm throughout the fall. Imagine the siblings’ surprise when they find that everything in the autumn woods—the leaves, the berries, even the setting sun—is red too, just like their sweaters.

This celebration of a perfect fall day will have young and old alike looking for signs of autumn in their own neighborhoods.

Kazuo Iwamura’s books celebrating the seasons (Hooray for Spring!Hooray for Summer!Hooray for Fall!, and Hooray for Snow!) are perennial favorites—introducing children to the beauty and joy of each season. Iwamura masterfully captures the small wonders of nature in his illustrations and his stories with their gentle humor warm the heart.

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