Into Nature: Creative Field Guide and Journal

Author: Totten, Autumn
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Into Nature: Creative Field Guide and Journal

Go beyond forest bathing with 70 mindful ways to unleash your creativity and reconnect with nature.

Squeezing mindfulness into every day may seem impossible—but it only takes a few moments to go Into Nature. This collection of mindful activities unleashes creativity while helping you engage with your natural surroundings—in a park, in the garden, and even from indoors.

From the founders of The Mindfulness Project, here are life-affirming ways to help readers maximize the benefits of being in nature, which has been proven to increase happiness and cultivate calm. Sketch, explore, and record observations as you . . . this book inspires readers to explore the natural world with greater curiosity and find moments of mindfulness in everyday life.

  • Notice how your senses shape your experience of nature
  • Draw a landscape, cut it out, and hang it up
  • Color in trees, animals, and flowers to discover their unique qualities
  • Find nature at work, at home, and all around you
  • Follow a bee, a beetle, or a butterfly
  • Retreat from daily chaos and cultivate calm
  • Explore, record, and observe your way to happiness!
  • Softcover, 197 pages
  • 5" x 9"



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