Madeline's Dog, Genevieve in Carry Tote

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Madeline's Dog, Genevieve in Carry Tote

During a school outing, mischievous Madeline falls into the River Seine and is rescued by a courageous canine she names Genevieve. The two become inseparable friends. Genevieve is made of soft chenille, and has an endearing embroidered expression, hand-stitched paws and a red grosgrain ribbon collar.

She comes nestled inside a bright blue twill tote bag that is silkscreened with an exclusive Madeline print. This tote is decorated with an embroidered Madeline patch and has two red handles, making it a stylish take-along accessory for doggie day trips. We've also added a fabric band with a Velcro closure to make sure Genevieve stays secure in her tote. 

  • Genevieve is made of soft chenille, and has an endearing embroidered expression
  • Blue twill tote is silkscreened w/ exclusive Madeline print & embroidered patch
  • Tote has fabric band w/ Velcro closure so Genevieve stays secure during travel
  • Genevieve measures 9”H
  • Tote bag measures 9” x 6.25” x 3.25”
  • Suitable for kids of all ages

YOTTOY was founded in 1995 with the vision of bringing beloved characters to life to inspire children’s imaginations. As a mother, YOTTOY founder Kate Clark understands how important toys are to kids in helping them develop emotional and social intelligence through imaginative role-playing. By helping characters from beloved children’s books come to life, YOTTOY encourages creative play and provides many opportunities for meaningful moments to be shared between generations—especially during story time.

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