Haba Tree Maze Magnetic Game

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Haba Tree Maze Magnetic Game

Your little one will love the Tree Maze Magnetic Game which challenges them to guide the magnet balls through the whimsical tree maze.

Parents can also appreciate this product, which helps develop your child’s fine motor skills and improve concentration. The white balls can become eggs in the bird's nest, the red ones apples in the basket and the yellow ones become ripe pears decorating the tree. The game is one piece, so it’s easy to travel with and will keep children entertained while traveling during long trips. 

  • This toy fosters motor skills and concentration.
  • Little garden friends can guide the balls with the magnetic rod however they fancy, or sort them by color.
  • 10" x 8.75"
  • Ages 2+

HABA Eco Policy:  Proactive environmental protection and sustainable production have been fundamental components of our company philosophy for years. HABA was the first German toy manufacturer to comply with EMAS, receiving DIN ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. Short transportation routes, modern production techniques and innovative materials are a matter of course for us. We use new organic materials from sustainable resources, as well as wood from sustainable silviculture and textiles, plastics and paperboard from renewable resources.
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