Magnetic Hangman Game, Travel Tin

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Magnetic Hangman Game, Travel Tin

Open the tin and start your game!

One player thinks up a word and puts blank magnetic tiles out to start. The other player starts guessing which letters might be in the word. For a correct guess, the first player replaces the blank tile(s) with the letter(s). For an incorrect guess, the first player adds parts of the cowboy to the hangman! Try to guess the word before completing the hangman to win!

It's a fun way to occupy kids, and also promotes good sportsmanship and cooperation, as well as building vocabulary and spelling skills!

  • The classic hangman game in magnetic, travel-size form
  • Includes 62 Letter Magnets, 8 Blank Magnets, 6 Hangman Body Parts, 2 Scoring Markers, Magnetic Game Board, Rules
  • Ages 5+
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