Sports Day Kit

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Sports Day Kit by Professor Puzzle

Suffering from cabin fever? Need to get out of the house? Everything you need for a great sports day with family and friends!

Look no further than this mammoth box of energy-expending entertainment! It's overflowing with a massive selection of outdoor fun and games, so just dive in and let the fun begin. 

Perfect for parties, picnics, weekends, and vacations.


  • 2 relay batons
  • 2 chunky chalk
  • 4 rubber balls
  • 2 jump ropes
  • 20 water balloons
  • 8 beanbags
  • 1 finish line
  • 30 balloons
  • 1 double-sided spinner
  • 3 card trophies
  • 50 sports trivia cards
  • game booklet with instructions for 30 games


Professor Puzzle is headquartered in the UK where they are driven by a belief in the benefits of challenging the mind and the importance of creative play. Their purpose is to develop and deliver products that exercise brains, spark imaginations and demand to be played.

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