Stars Before Bedtime

Author: Hibberd, Jessamy
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Stars Before Bedtime: A Mindful Fall-Asleep Book

Create a calm bedtime ritual with this debut book in the Before Bedtime series, Stars Before Bedtime – a soothing journey through the glittering constellations of the night sky woven with tried-and-true sleep exercises from the best-selling author and clinical psychologist Dr. Jessamy Hibberd.

With gentle, calming artwork from the wonderfully talented Hannah Tolson and simple, melodic text, children explore the sky’s constellations and the mythical stories behind them as they get their minds and bodies ready for bed. Each exercise, called out by a moon symbol, is simple and easy to do. The pages are self-contained so you can start anywhere and complete as many, or as few, exercises as you like. Join your child as they complete the exercises—you might just find something that works for you, too. Tips on mindfulness and extra resources for parents are included at the back of the book. Stargazers of all ages will love this journey through constellations.

Good sleep is essential for growing brains. Each beautifully illustrated book in the Before Bedtime series helps curious children prepare for sleep by uniting a different intriguing non-fiction topic with sleep-inducing mindfulness exercises; an effective alternative to the traditional bedtime story. Fascinating facts are paired with guided relaxation techniques inspired by the topic for a peaceful routine that not only leaves bedtime battles far behind but equips children for success in a hectic world.

  • Hardcover, 32 pages
  • 12" x 11"


Dr. Jessamy Hibberd is a London-based Chartered Clinical Psychologist, author and commentator. She is the co-author of the international bestselling This Book Will Make You Sleep. Jessamy’s work includes drawing on the very latest developments in cognitive behavioural therapy and popular psychology, to guide people through proven techniques to help get sleep patterns back on track.
Claire Grace is the author of many books for children and has worked on a collection of award-winning titles. She now lives in London, England.  
Hannah Tolson is a children's book illustrator living in Cornwall, England.

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