Story Chest Game

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Story Chest Game

Players take turns creating a story together using the beautiful and detailed story cards. The adventure begins when the first player chooses between two cards and creates a story using the elements illustrated on the card they selected.

Each player takes a turn as the storyteller and must continue the story using a new set of cards. The other players must try to guess which card the storyteller will select. The player that has correctly predicted the cad each storyteller will select the most is the winner.

  • Open the story chest and release the magic
  • Using the cards you have drawn begin to tell your own story
  • Learn, play and have fun through story telling
  • Contains 100 beautifully illustrated cards
  • Ages 7+


For over fifty years the Finnish board game company Tactic has been known for its innovative, exciting and high-quality games that delight millions of families around the world. Their mission is to produce board games that help families and friends spend quality time together. They have achieved our goal when our games are played time and time again.

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