Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set

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Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set

All aboard! With this colorful wooden train set, your little one will role-play as a conductor, an engineer or a passenger for hours. The battery-powered locomotive has a working headlight and goes forward and backward – but that’s just part of the urban fun.

The train station, shops, construction site, airport and openable plane provide endless creativity and storytelling. The practical bucket holds all 80 pieces for storage and carrying, which also actually forms part of an imaginary city as four removable wooden panels with lifelike graphics can be placed in the layout. Kids will spend hours building bridges and a full transport system, helping them learn to organize and practice language, social, oral and creative skills.

Compatible With Any Leading Wooden Rail Brand Your child will love combining this colorful and imaginative playset with any other wooden rail toys from leading brands. Hape also has other transport and urban playsets that combine perfectly to create unique playgrounds in your own home.

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