The Hot Cross Bunny

Author: Bexington, Carys
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The Hot Cross Bunny

Meet Steve, a rather—hot—cross bunny and his more positive pal, Nugget, a cute chick. Steve has failed to make any chocolate eggs for the Easter egg hunt. What is he going to do?

Egged on by Nugget he decides to make an egg his own way. Not only is Steve’s attempt egg-normous but it hatches a… dragon! Chaos and drama unfold as the baby dragon rampages though town, gobbling up Easter eggs as it goes with unegg-spected results! 

Fun, rhyming text makes this is a wonderful Easter story with a twist, packed with laughter and super silly escapades.

Who needs cute bunnies when you have hot-cross Steve and a dragon baby who poops chocolate... but can they save Easter?

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