The Littlest Yak and the New Arrival

Author: Fraser, Lu
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The Littlest Yak and the New Arrival

Gertie is going to be a big sister! But is there room in Mummy's heart for the little yak—and an even littler new arrival?

Gertie the littlest yak is getting ready to welcome a new arrival to the family, and that means big sister planning and big sister sharing. She can’t wait to share all her favorite things — like her curly-wool comb for important back-scratching, or her pinecones for playing yak throwing and catching — because the newest yakling will have so much to learn!

But how does Gertie feel about sharing Mummy? Is there enough room in Mummy's heart to love both Gertie AND the new arrival?

This adorably warm and reassuring story from the award-winning creators of The Littlest Yak shows readers that there will always be room for families, and hearts, to grow.


Lu Fraser has been helping other people tell stories for years, but she has never been brave enough to share her own—until now. Lu lives in Hampshire and writes her best stories in a little shed in her backyard. 

Kate Hindley is an illustrator who has brought many bestselling picture books to life, including You Must Bring a Hat, winner of the Sainsbury Children’s Book Award. She is also the author of the lift-the-flap book series Treacle Street. Kate lives in England.

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