The Montessori Method: Colors

Author: Piroddi, Chiara
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The Montessori Method: Colors

Introducing Montessori-inspired early childhood activity books!

This book—with eight pages of stickers—does more than simply stimulate learning through play: it enhances the cognitive development of the child. The activities become progressively more complex according to the three stages of a child’s learning: getting to know the material through sensory experience, recognizing the material, and being able to explain the material.

Let’s learn to color! Take the outlined shapes and fill them in, try to stay within the lines, and say the name of each color out loud as you draw. It’s lots of fun.

  • Paperbook, 48 pages
  • 8" x 10"

Chiara Piroddi is an expert in neuropsychology who works at the Hospital Niguarda Ca’ Granda in Milan, Italy. She has worked with children of all ages, including those with severe mental and physical disabilities. 

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