When Fall Comes

Author: Bissonnette, Aimee
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When Fall Comes

This beautifully illustrated, poetic children’s picture book celebrates the joy of families being out in nature in the fall season, and discovering wildlife busily preparing for the winter months ahead.

In this season, as the wildlife they discover along the way adapts and gets ready for the winter months ahead, the family also busily prepares for the seasonal change.

In autumn, as the air grows crisper and the days grow shorter, the family forages for mushrooms in the woods as chipmunks stash seeds in underground burrows, and red squirrels gather pinecones. As badgers dig new dens and bears look for the perfect spot to sleep away the winter, the family prepares their home for winter.

There is so much to discover and so much to do, as silver-red salmon fight their way up rushing streams, returning to places they were born, and mud flats fill with feeding shorebirds migrating for the winter, and aspen leaves change from green to gold.

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