World Colors 15 ct Colored EcoPencils

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World Colors 15 ct Colored EcoPencils

Celebrate diversity and self-expression with World Colors! Great for school or home, this colored pencils set comes with both traditional colored pencils and skin tone pencils to create portraits, illustrations and more!

Features 12 pre-sharpened colored pencils in a variety of colors and 3 super soft and blendable duo-tone portrait coloring pencils (6 flesh tone colors). Developed by makeup artists to ensure easy to blend, skin colored pencils designed to create portraits with unique skin tone. 

World Colors feature highly pigmented coloring pencil leads for smooth, gorgeous color lay down. The perfect coloring and portrait pencil, Faber-Castell’s special formula blends easily and doesn't flake!

  • 15 colored pencils
  • wood from certified sustainable forestry
  • 6 flesh tone colors


All Faber-Castell colored pencils are designed to last! Through a SV (secure-all) process, Faber pencils are glued the entire length of the barrel resulting in easy sharpening and break-resistant leads that will not fall out when dropped.

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