In-Store Special Orders

Here are some things to know about special orders:

  • We order from several different national distributors, so if it's in print, it's very likely we can get it for you.
  • Your order will arrive with our normal store order, so there are usually no shipping charges.
  • Most books will arrive in the store in 3 or 4 days (some have to come from farther away, but that only takes 7 to 10 days).  
  • If you place an order online and choose the "Local Pick Up" option, there's no need to pre-pay and no shipping charge.  
  • There is no extra cost to special order a book.
  • We will hold your special order for up to two weeks. We will call you to remind you it's here. We can always hold books longer, just let us know.
  • We're happy to place pre-orders for books that aren't out yet. Then we'll call you when the book is released.
  • If a title is out of stock with our distributor (maybe it's a small press, or maybe Oprah or the New York Times mentioned it), we can place a backorder for you. When the book is back in stock, we'll get one and call you.

If you are ready to place your order, just fill out the form below.

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