Baby Stuffed Lamb

Author: Bunnies by the Bay
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Baby Stuffed Lamb

With tiny limbs, curly fur, sticky-outy ears and cute black embroidered eyes, our little white lamb plushie begs to be cuddled.

Finished with velvety-soft gray trotters, it makes a heartwarming addition to anyone's toy collection. Bunnies By The Bay is a woman-owned company that strives to tell uplifting stories of friendship while providing comfort and love to the smallest among us.

  • 6" tall


The world of Bunnies By The Bay was created in response to tragic events that unexpectedly propelled one family into navigating a wayward journey from tragic loss to hopeful healing. The lessons of those experiences instilled in us the belief that everything can be rescued and mended, even broken hearts. While life may deal unpredictable challenges, help may come in surprising ways and provide us with those little dabs of glee that enable one to rekindle glad dreams.

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