HABA® Terra Kids Hand Glider

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HABA® Terra Kids Hand Glider

Your child will be flying high with this 19” hand glider! Kids will love pretending they’re a brave glider pilot, having adventures in the sky. With high quality materials in an easily-assembled design, this sturdy plane is a step above the rest. This glider is crafted from premium styrofoam to withstand wear and bring hours of simple fun.

  • This glider airplane flies through the air with ease.
  • Made from premium materials, your foam glider plane will handle the rugged outdoors with ease.
  • Toy glider provides endless aviation fun!
  • Simply hold the aircraft’s shaft between thumb and pointer, take a running start, toss it into the air, and watch the plane fly elegantly and speedily through the air!
  • This toy glider comes easy to assemble and glue in just a few steps.
  • With outstanding aerodynamics, the foam glider plane is made of premium quality, robust styrofoam.
  • Dimensions when assembled: 19“ L x 19“ W.

After a few quick assembly steps, any child 5-10 years is sure to enjoy flying their hand glider around. Flight will be smooth and fast, for enjoyment that lasts! Our toy glider is a full 19”, which is just the right size for kids to easily be able to toss and find.

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