Lucky's Road Trip Kit, 4 Games in 1 Box

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Lucky's Road Trip Kit, 4 Games in 1 Box  

Turn off the ipads and put your phones away. Crated With Love’s Road Trip Game Kit is specifically designed to bring couples, families and friends closer together by spending quality time together. Create fun memories with our games and activities from Lucky’s Road Trip and enjoy some unique conversation starters!

Jumpstart a fun way to connect with your partner, family, or friends by playing the 4 road trip games:

  • Can’t Be True to test how well you know each other
  • A-Z I Spy game with unique prompts
  • Mirror Dice charades game
  • Lucky Likes strategic guessing game - great for both adults and kids!

Lucky’s Road Trip Kit family friendly game includes at home and travel versions so you can play anywhere you want

Our family game box makes the perfect gift for kids, teens, and adults for birthdays and Christmas so they can have fun, pass the time, and stay connected while making lasting memories!

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