Number Crunch Game

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Number Crunch Game

Players flip cards at the same time until they match and then the action heats up! Think fast, solve the problem, and keep flipping to collect the most cards and win!

Each player flips over a card face up in front of them. When two players have a card with a matching color and math symbol, they go head to head to see who can solve the problem first.

Ideal for 3 or more players ages 5 years and older, boys and girls can have fun learning basic math skills. Its a fun educational game and can be used as a teaching tool in class or at home.

This family game is easy for children to learn and is difficult to stop playing, it’s that much fun ! Perfect for game night or home school learning, boys and girls alike love this game.

Combining both math skills and attentiveness, it is the perfect game to challenge children ages 5 and up in a fun way. Gameplay lasts 15 or more minutes.

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