Prak Fills the House

Author: Washington, Donna
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Prak Fills the House

This hilarious retelling of “The Three Little Pigs” is a cheery celebration of family and togetherness, starring a spirited pig as she outsmarts her older siblings in a friendly competition.

Prak is a practical pig who is often overlooked by her two older brothers: Mo the muscly one, and Bo the beautiful one. So when Poppa Pig offers his house to whichever of his children can fill it to the brim, everyone assumes Mo or Bo will be up for the task. No one expects Prak to have the strength or charisma to fill a house. But with a lot of creativity and a bit of luck, Prak might just surprise them all!

Charming and lighthearted illustrations by debut illustrator Lauren Emmons joyously accentuate this lively read-aloud, from the acclaimed author of Boo Stew, Donna L. Washington. A warm and endearing choice for any cozy story time.

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