Precious Planet: User’s Manual for Curious Earthlings

Author: Figueras, Emmanuelle
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Precious Planet: User’s Manual for Curious Earthlings

1 planet, 197,000,000 square meters, 7.7 billion people and 1 ton of facts.

This spectacular book uses eye-popping illustrations to explain the world’s natural phenomena. Sarah Tavernier and Alexandre Verhille illustrate our home that was formed almost 4.6 billion years ago in a very detailed manner, from the earth’s crust, the continents we live on to the oceans in between.

Dive with them and the author Emmanuelle Figueras into the planet’s fascinating geography, from saving water and trees, to looking out for each other, while opening children’s eyes to the importance of sustainability and conservation in a fun and engaging way.

  • Hardcover, 48 pages
  • 10" x 14"


Emmanuelle Figueras is a journalist and children’s book author who lives in the south of France.

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