Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children

Author: Lovejoy, Sharon
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Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children
Pizza Patches & Bean Tunnels: Kids' Garden Projects to Cultivate Wonder

The simple act of connecting children to nature through gardening is Sharon Lovejoy's special purpose and joy. In her newest book, ROOTS, SHOOTS, BUCKETS & BOOTS, she presents 12 spirited, easy-to-implement ideas for theme gardens that parents and kids can grow together. Illustrated with the author's own lyrical watercolors, each project includes a plan and the planting recipe--as well as a "Discovery Walk," activities and crafts to make with what you grow.

There's the Pizza Patch, a giant-size wheel garden planted in "slices" of tomatoes, zucchini, oregano, and basil. A Flowery Maze to get lost in. A Moon Garden of night-blooming flowers, including a moonflower tent. And Mother Nature's Medicine Chest.
Discovery Walks teach kids how the gardens work, and a chapter on gardening basics includes a child-friendly 10-Minute Plan for planting and maintenance, plus a list of the top 20 plants guaranteed to make gardeners out of kids.
  • Paperback, 176 pages
  • 8.5" x 10"


Sharon Lovejoy, an author, illustrator, lecturer, and teacher, is the children's garden adviser to the American Horticultural Society. She speaks at conferences and gardening organizations around the country. She lives in California.

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