Slush Mountain

Author: Lie, Bjørn Rune
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Slush Mountain

Slush Mountain is a funny, loving, and irreverent tribute to winter cabin and ski culture, from hot chocolate and snowmen to daredevil show-offs and silly fashion choices.

The grand illustrations follow a day in the life of the various quirky creatures who live in a remote mountain village―we witness Bruce “the Spruce” Crampon ski jumping off the roof of Lone Wolf Cabin, the ski patrol dealing with a reckless speed demon on the Goose Bump Glacier mogul run, old “Snow-Blind” Jefferson ice fishing out on Frostbite Fish Pond, and many more. Pull on your long johns and mittens for a jam-packed day on Slush Mountain!

  • Hardcover, 56 pages
  • 9" x 12"


Bjørn Rune Lie is an award-winning Norwegian illustrator. He has written and illustrated three Norwegian children's books, including Slush Mountain, which was originally published as Slapsefjell in Norway (Magikon). His images have appeared on milk cartons, magazine covers, text books and album covers across the globe. He lives in Bristol, England. 

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