Spooky Yoga

Author: Coryell, Susan
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Spooky Yoga

Spooky Yoga is a Picture Book for ages 3 – 7 that will get young readers up from chairs, laps and classroom seats to move and groove with multiple costumed creatures, colorfully depicted in rhyme and illustration. 

Beginning with Mummy in a quiet breathing pose, characters change costumes and perform yoga movements as friendly monsters who are spooky but never too scary. Endnotes explain how to perform each pose, though creativity is encouraged. Doctors, therapists, health/wellness experts and educators know that, more than ever, children need to move to regulate a state of attention and translate some of their energy into calm focus. Playful movement nurtures self-awareness and promotes positive mind-body development.

  • Paperback, 34 pages
  • 8.5" x 8.5"


Spooky Yoga introduces basic moving yoga poses coordinated with each creature’s personality. Spooky Yoga is co-authored by award-winning children's author Susan Coryell and certified yoga instructor Kathy Graham and illustrated by Emily Martin, all based in Clemson, South Carolina.

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