The Oddmire, Book 2: The Unready Queen

Author: Ritter, William
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The Oddmire, Book 2: The Unready Queen

Human-raised brothers Tinn and Cole join forces with Fable, daughter of the Queen of the Deep Dark, to stop the fighting between the people of Endsborough and the creatures of the Wild Wood before violence turns into all-out war.  

Human and goblin brothers Cole and Tinn are finding their way back to normal at home in Endsborough after their journey to the heart of the Oddmire. Normal, unfortunately,
wants nothing to do with them. To complicate matters, their friend Fable, daughter of the Queen of the Deep Dark, is visiting them in secret—hiding herself and her magic from the people of Endsborough.

But when the trio discovers that humans are destroying the Wild Wood and the lives of its creatures for their own dark purposes, Fable cannot stay quiet. As the truce between the townspeople and the inhabitants of the Wild Wood crumbles, violence escalates, threatening war and bringing Fable’s mother closer to the fulfillment of a deadly prophecy that could leave Fable a most Unready Queen.

In this second book in the Oddmire series, the New York Times bestselling author of Jackaby takes readers on an adventure full of monsters, mayhem, and magic.

  • Paperback, 320 pages
  • 6" x 9"

William Ritter is an Oregon author and educator. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling, award-winning Jackaby series for young adult readers. 

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