HABA® Mountains Game

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HABA® Mountains Game

The hiking season has begun! Do you have the right equipment for the hike you picked? If not, the swap negotiations begin! A good memory, some luck, and a favor or two from your fellow hikers will help you collect the most stamps to win the game.

Players begin with item cards which feature various equipment necessary while hiking (canteens, carabiners etc) and will help players complete hikes. Hikes are displayed in 6 face down piles on the game board (ranging from the easiest (one item to complete) to the hardest (five items!)

The first player will turn over one of the hikes and attempt to complete it with the items in their hand. As the hikes progress, players will likely lack all the items they need to complete their hike. Much like the classic card game, Go Fish, players will ask another player if they have any of the items by giving them a favor token. If the other player has the item, they must give it up. If they don't, they still get to keep the favor token.

The active player may continue to dole out favor tokens until they complete their hike or run out of tokens. Once a hike is completed, the active player collects the reward on the card, this may be favor tokens or stamps in their passport.

Once two piles of the more difficult hikes (3-5 items) are depleted, the game ends and the player with the most stamps in their passport wins. Family game night fun for 2-5 players ages 8 and up.

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